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w-pfxprefix for nouns of class 1, preceding vowel initial stems (rare)waáb,their friend.
exclexclamation of surprise
wáā!exclexclamation of disappointment
waáb1Pl.baábn1/21his friend2counterpart, the other3spouse
waáb2ideomovement of net pulled up from water
wááʼ wááʼexclexclamation of surprise
wagalagideoexpressive of sound of something loose (e.g., if shoes are too big, or bamboo not properly tied)
wagtɛɛbewagtɛɛn1/2kind of leaf (like sand leaf)Bébɛllɛ wagtɛɛ âlened mekií.Wagtɛɛ is used to stop bleeding.
wáŋgɛsɛbewáŋgɛsɛn1/2piece of fabric, headscarfwâŋgɛsɛ ekááwâŋgɛsɛ nló
wâŋgɛsɛ ekáábewâŋgɛsɛ ekáá ?n1/2handkerchief
wâŋgɛsɛ nlóbewâŋgɛsɛ bé nlón1/2headscarf
wǎŋ wǎŋideosound of dog in pain
warɛdɛɛn1/2African iodineMelanthera scandensSyn.awagtɛɛ2 1
watalîfEnglishnwaterleafTalinum triangulare
we-Infl.var.weé-pfxyou; verb prefix, second person singularwenkɛ̌,you went.
1Dial.var.wɛ̂2prepat, to, from; locative preposition, used especially with peopleCheé wenkɛ̌ abɛl wê Sylvester?What did you go to do at Sylvesterʼs?
2Dial.var.wɛ̂3adv.lthere, locative adverb, close to hearer, general locationNhúú wê.I have returned from there.Cf.hɛ̂hɛ́nwén
3preplikeAdé ngíne áte wê ngo.He is as strong as a leopard.
wénadv.lhere, locative adverb, close to speaker, general locationNhyédé wén.I have arrived here.Cf.hɛ̂hɛ́n2